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Women's fitness apparel

The sales of women’s fitness clothes need to pay attention to comfort, practicality, fashion, durability and value for money. It should meet the aesthetic and economic needs of female consumers, and can effectively enhance the sports experience of athletes.

Men's workout clothes

The main demand of men’s fitness clothing market is to match diversified designs, comfortable fabrics and anti-wrinkle characteristics, as well as to improve the performance of clothes and protect the health of wearers.

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Fitness Clothing Production Flow


Directly knitting from yarn to blank clothes.


Dyeing according to Pantone color codes or sample fabric, color fastness above Grade 4.


Quality inspection after dyeing, and cutting.


Four stitches & six threads, three stitches & five threads, according to your needs


Ironing makes the activewear surface smooth and beautiful


Custom packaging, private logo, personalized hangtags…

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Knowledge Base

Where To Buy Wholesale Fitness Clothing

Whether you have already owned a boutique or are considering opening your own fitness apparel line, you must consider a question: Where to buy fitness apparel in bulk with a good price? What is the most important benefit of purchasing workout clothes in bulk?

One of the biggest benefits of buying wholesale clothing:

Buying sportswear in bulk will help you sstablish good relationships with wholesale fitness clothing vendors and you can negotiate a favorable price. So as to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Wholesale fitness clothing manufacturer China

However, where you can buy bulk wholesale fitness apparel?

1, Buy From Local Clothing Wholesale Market:

Entering the market allows you to meet directly with suppliers, see the quality, and touch and feel the product. In the market, you will find several excellent vendors in the “drop-in” or temporary booth section. These ranges include clothing, accessories, shoes, and gift suppliers. Every market has a segment of this type, just pick the category you want.

2, Buy From China’s Wholesale Market:

If you are seeking for a reasonable price, or want to buy a big demand, China’s wholesale fitness clothing market seems to be a good choice. For example, Canton fair exhibition, however, affected by the outbreak, this method has less practical if you want to buy affordable and good quality clothing, you can also buy online and find an online platform to develop reliable wholesale fitness apparel suppliers.

3, Online Purchase Wholesale

Some of the more popular online platforms are LA Showroom, OrangeShine, Tundra, and Faire. All of these platforms serve different corners of the market, so find the one that works best for you.

Each of these platforms is slightly different in terms of who they serve, but they all have good choices and unique terminology.

4, Use Search Engine

Another thing you can try is to Google “wholesale fitness clothing”. Google rewards constantly updated websites. You have to search deep on pages 5 or 6 to find any useful information. We all know that the first few pages are probably advertising, not actually running a website.

5, Use Social Media: Facebook, Linkin Quora

You can discuss clothes on social media, or wholesale clothes. Post some questions you may have about clothing manufacturing, and maybe a clothing vendor will answer your questions. In addition, these social platforms already have a wealth of information for you to read and reference, and it’s easy to find people who want to share their knowledge with you.

Features of Fitness Apparel Wholesale Market

What are the characteristics of women’s fitness clothing market?

The characteristics of women’s gym clothing market mainly include:

1, Beautiful appearance and generous fashion.

The clothes in the women’s fitness clothing market are fashionable and elegant in appearance, which can meet the needs of women of different ages and different bodies;

2, Strong comfort.

Women’s clothing in the fitness clothing market adopts comfortable fabrics, which can let women liberate themselves in fitness exercise.

3, Strong functionality.

Women’s clothing in the fitness clothing market has good breathability, protection and warmth, which can protect women’s bodies in fitness exercise.

4, Strong practicability.

Women’s clothing in the fitness clothing market has adopted colorful and fashionable designs, which can meet women’s daily wear needs.

What are the characteristics of men’s fitness clothing market?

In addition to the above four points of women’s sportswear, the features of the men’s gym clothing market are:

1, Good quality.

The clothing in the men’s fitness clothing market adopts high-quality fabrics, which can ensure the comfort in fitness.

2, Strong durability.

Men’s fitness clothing market uses high-strength fabrics, which can ensure the durability in fitness.

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